Monday, April 12, 2004

More on Thai blogs

After unsuccessful googling for some kind of directory of Thai blogs, I had to opt for the tedious work of going through pages and pages of google results of webpages that had the words "Thai" and "blog" on it. It took me a whole night to just get the links below. They are what I would call "preferential' links, by the way, since they are the ones that I liked. I have not included a number of other blogs which blogged about Thailand, mostly those written by foreignors who seem to mostly enjoy ranting about the negative aspects of Thailand.

Anyway, that tedious search turned out to be productive because some of these links have links to other Thai blogs, which requires more reading on another day. I'm so frustrated that there isn't an easier way to do this.

What I also discovered was that there are a lot of young Thai-"Americans" (a growing new generation of Thais) blogging in a blogging ring called Xanga. Interesting that there are some claims that Xanga is growing faster than Friendster. I liked the ecclectic mix of people they have there and there seems to be some sense of order and respect among its members. I have to see what they have to offer as a community and as a blogging tool and may just decide to join them.

Additionally, Ross Mayfield mentions a blogging programme being tried out in Thailand by which I haven't had the time to investigate just yet.

My preferential link collection of Thai blogs:

blogwise: List of blogs in Thailand This was a directory, that actually didn't have many "Thai" blogs. But who knows, it might grow.

"The voices in my head" A bit slow to download the whole page, but worth the wait to see the pictures she's posted. Blogged by a Thai.

"Just my thought" Blogged by a Thai.

"Stories from the life of Stuart G. Towns" who is not a Thai.

by Ron Morris, great source of news, and good pictures. Not Thai, but passionate about Thailand and its mass transit system.

Piyawat's a new Thai blogger and updates slowly.

"The House of Random Crap", Thai-American who moved to Thailand. Actually not crappy at all, quite intense.

"Wanderlustress" I think she's Thai, she certainly travels!

SOMMAIRE Not a Thai blog, but a blog (of sorts) by His Majesty Sihanouk, King of Cambodia. I've put it in my links here in hope that maybe King Bhumipol or Princess Sirindhorn will eventually blog. It would really be the establishment of the Thai blogosphere.