Thursday, December 30, 2004

Some thoughts on ancient Thai scripts

I've been busy with my paper and other things and regretfully have neglected blogging. There's also so much new information I'm trying to digest. What's been an interesting result of my paper, are these serious questions: Why does the Thai government attribute the discovery of the Thai alphabet to King Ramkhamhaeng, when there seems to be abundant physical evidence that there are other ancient scripts that Thais have obviously been using before that time. Especially, why not include the Lanna script? or the Isan dharmma script for writing Pali? The deeper I dig, the more confusing the information. In a post on my other blog, I've linked some images of Thai script to compare it with Kmer, Thai Lue, and Brahmi script (which is said to be the origin of our script.) Below, I've linked from Rajaphat Ubon University an image of Thai Noi or Isan Dharma script (the blue script). Description can never be as good as the images themselves.