Wednesday, March 31, 2004

A Probe/ A Poem for Sibylle

It was a performance
needed to be there in person
cannot be repeated
the song, the pictures, the way Sybil talked
the way Sibylle moved us with her story
her personal style of soul searching

That communicates
that made meaning
without meaning to do so

You, me, us, the McLuhan coach house seminar room
McLuhan methods
made meaning
something spoke

Wild Woman put me on a search for meaning
brought to this point at McLuhan's coach house

A cycle completed,
the cybernetic feedback
in organic movement

A dialogue between Sibylle and Laurie Anderson
Sibylle and myself
media and me

My weblog, "Superway Mekhong"
words with hidden images, googling linked
took me to a group blog
being created for a society that constantly questions itself
eternally redefining itself in the fade of modernity

The soul of a storyteller
passed on at that moment from Sibylle to me
I pass it back, it completes another cycle in infintiy
mind making meaning
a recollection of another ancient storyteller
the potter princess, her pots talk
she calls me to talk too
connecting Sibylle, her desire of Laurie Anderson
with Nui, McLuhan, patterns of social change, to tell a story

"Sibylle", I say, "Look at your animated lead, the puppet of Laurie Anderson"
"You are the star, the dancing puppet in her shadow,"
"the Wild Woman, you, we have perceived your message yet cannot name it!"

I try to capture this all in these written words
Pah, written language, they don't really serve the purpose
they hardly come close to that moment of enlightment
I lost from my dream last night
when all the connections seemed so clear
the connected whole felt for a fleeting moment of certainity
that moment I had felt a few times before
and yearn so much to have it again

Mark, this is a must do tommorrow!
Can I read a poem, can I read this probe?
Did I evoke your memories with this piece?
Does it meaning make?

I wish I could have recorded what I "saw" and heard
adding annotated for each moment of meaning
capturing the special word in media
the meaning making in action
myself, tonight between Sibylle last night and tomorrow the dawn
I have heard a life performing

I know a butterfly will fly before not too long
Thank you Mark, for MMS2
Derrick, for MMS1
McLuhan, for his message
Thank you, Sibylle
a cycle closes, I am happy.

The numbness at the end of the performance
the shock of it sinks in as I shiver home
I dream
it all come alive
I wake up
Hallaluyah! I try to write it all down
and This is It!


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