Saturday, July 17, 2004

Hello again

Whew, it's been such a long time that I left blogging and now Blogger has a new look. I'm actually having a good laugh at myself, rereading what I've written in my blog. How unorganized my thoughts are! And there I was,thinking all the while I was blogging that I was making perfect sense. Well, taking time off did some good. It seemed to have helped cure me out of the media numbness McLuhan says one gets when one jumps into a new media. It felt such a part of me, and to me seemed integrated with the rest of my life. So I thought I was making some sense, now I see that I didn't make much sense. Of course, I was always frustrated that blogging couldn't express everything I wanted to, but then which medium allows one to do that?


Mark said...

Nui, Nui, Nui... weren't you paying attention in class? Blogging is an outering and amplification of your inner voice. So, it was part of you and integrated with your life!

So certainly I can understand your concern at not making sense! :)

Seriously, good to hear from you again, if even mediated.

Cuauhtémoc said...

Mark, missed you too. It's just such a shock to see that part of me on the outside. Sure, sure, of course, it's an outering. That's why we do it in the first place, right? We're exhibitionists. But then there's the other shock: "'s also not really me!" More like a feeling of landing on the ground, realizing that technology doesn't really give us everything it promised. Interesting developments with Blogger though, don't you think? Did you try going into the "Interests" sections and finding all those alike souls? Social networking built into a blog. I had a trip.