Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wandering mind and body

It's been two weeks since I've finally moved into my own place, after three months of city exile in Herradura/Interlomas suburb with my husband's family. A lot of sorting out done: boxes of books, book shelves, knick-knacks, cutlery, clothes, carpets, plants, toiletries, groceries, etc. 

My wandering attention span took the ambulante spirit and went to explore hawkers, markets, and roads in my new neigborhood the same way I wandered Yonge street when I settled in Toronto six years ago. 

A fruit juice stand in front of a 7-11, a Center for Buddhists in Mexico, a park with David as a fountain, dentist for 30 dollars around the corner, Uruguay Street for unblocking my cell, accidental discovery of a street full of toiletry ceramics and hangings, oriental ingredients at San Juan market, cyclists on a closed Reforma Avenue on Sundays, public exhibition of a surrealist artist-Leonara Carrington, DVDs for $2 on Lazaro Cardenas.... no internet connection at home and relying on the charity of some neighbors unblocked wireless, hence no blogging for a long time. Too much raw material to organize.

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