Sunday, December 21, 2008

Rise of a tabloid economist

The day I signed up for this blog with The Nation, three important things happened that supported my decision to sign up with a confidence that my writing from Mexico City will have some reference to readers in Bangkok.  Leaving the presentation of a documentary at an International Buddhitst Film Festival, "Peace in Every Step" (about the Vietnamese socially-engaged monk Thich Nhat Hanh) I recieved a call on my cell from my husband warning about possible traffic jam that may cause problems for my getting home,  a plane had just crashed in the middle of Mexico City.  Shocking enough that a plane would crash in the middle of Mexico City, more numbing that it was a government jet carrying the President's right hand man, Interior Minister MouriƱo!

I got home to discover that the crash news were being eclipsed by news about Obama's victory.  Obama's victory was important because it represented a new America that would definitely have new policies towards Mexico and Thailand.  The plane crash was important because it emphasized how wrong it was that the Mexican president hoped to use a public war against strongly entrenched druglords as a political campaign.  It cost him the dear loss of his most trusted man no many how much it is denied that the plane crash had nothing to do with the drug war.  We can always learn from someone mistakes.

My silence on this new blog was due to the political crisis in my beloved homeland having me live two days in one for the past weeks (worried and exhausted).  I was checking the news mornings and evenings because the day turns at a 12 hour difference instead of the usual 24 when you are living on the other side of the world from where you were born.

Having blogged on my own pages with Blogger for some time, I've adjusted to a rule for blogging one eventually learns, "Blog when time allows me".  I am writing on my own time, noboby's paying me for it. (My only "paid" blog is in Thai, btw, about the boring subject of trade and investment, if you care to visit is:, and if you're a curious soul, follow my blogger profile to my other pretty eclectic blogs-in English, thank you.)  The above rule gets bypassed only when an issue really bothers me and emotionally motivates me to blog.  That happened this morning.

I was testing the freedom of speech allowed by a highly esteemed magazine, a supposed defender of "freedom of speech" to only discover that it was all indeed a sham.  This magazine just got itself self-censored by local distributors (here in Thailand) for printing a biased poor journalistic report about our even more highly esteemed "Soul of the Nation".

This serious magazine seems to be heading down to the lowly levels of tabloid journalism.  Sad because there are so little good journalism left.  Sad because in these crazy days one does seem to have to resort to censorship to ensure a right to say something.  My two lines of comments linking a Utube vdo titled "Lies by Simon Ellis" posted under the controversial article printed by this esteemed magazine were ERASED!  My link was simply a parody of the circus the article on this magazine's electronic page was becoming.  Obviously my comment was erased by a not so fair moderator who also erased several other comments by another commentator who wroted about and posted links to the Nation's reports about the newly hired publicist, Sam Moon.

Now if my clever readers knows which article and which magazine I am referring to (my apologies, I cannot even provide the service of linking to that article because it just gives them more credit),  I am asking you to please censor that article by no longer writing any more comments, nor using their "recommend" function because as I said it just allows that article to rise to more prominence due to the arithmetic non-logic of internet driven media.  Some time ago they even had a poll/vote about a subject related to Thailand that they managed to totally distort the nature of the poll and we innocent voters just kept giving them the polls.
Sorry for writing in riddles, but as I said, freedom of speech is developing into some strange things nowadays.

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