Monday, August 30, 2004

The making of oral history in Thailand

A paper on "The making of oral history in Thailand" was presented at the 65th International Library Associations and Institutions on August, 1999.

Rujaya Abhakorn, Department of History, Chiang Mai University, writes about the paper:

"This paper is based on a rough survey, with the kind assistance of Nakharin Mektrairat and Warunee Osatharom of Thammasat University, of "oral history projects" conducted since 1976 as well as publications that used oral interviews. The result shows that a state agency, the National Archives, and academic historians have played the most active roles in the making of oral history in the modern era. There appears to be three types of oral history, all of which are political in nature, but reflecting three different concerns: the history of the state, the history of the democratic movement and the history of the people."

An explanation of "What is oral heritage" prepared by Thai Library Association can be found here.

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