Sunday, May 8, 2005

Some lessons learnt from Tai Chi

Two months ago, I started my first session of Tai Chi lessons with Ann Phillips, a Canadian teacher, who visits the sports facility in my condo. Compared to other physical centering techniques I've tried (yoga, thai massage, sports) I find this form of exercise appropriate for the stage of life I'm at. When I go through the Tai Chi routine that blends together slow and soft martial movements with a tone of spiritual focus, I find that I can shift from a dominant mental mode of being to a body-centered mode of being. I've learnt that the body has its own amazing kind of intelligence, one that is difficult to describe and explain via language which is a mental mode. The body simply "does" in its movements. I didn't think I could learn the seemingly complicated sets of movements demonstrated by my teacher during those first weeks.

"Drop" your mind, move your body, take action and move forward. AI (artificial intelligence) hardliners are missing an important point if they think we can exist on the mind alone without a body.

Tai Chi is an energy play. Some level of consciousness is required for any kind of meaningful energy play. Consciousness and centering is very linked, and Tai Chi helps me become aware of my centering.

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