Thursday, May 31, 2007

Going to Bolivia

Getting on a plane to Bolivia in about 8 days. Never dreamed that it would be a country I would visit in my lifetime, but then again neither were Lebanon, South Africa, and Netherlands, or even Canada.

The more I read about Bolivia, the more I feel it was my destiny to go there, and I have this strange feeling that I will be going quite a few times more.

I'm collecting the links of useful pages I found about Bolivia, most of which will be about the Jesuit missions in Bolivia which is part of the subject of the documentary I am working on.

Highly recommend, beautifully done website: "La Gran Chiquitania". Bolivia Blog
A page on "culture of Bolivia" with
Moxos Indians
A return to San Ignacio
A Brief History of the Colonial Mission of Eastern Bolivia
Of course, don't forget to check out wikipedia!

I was quite happily surprised that there is this level of information about a remote country which wouldn't cross people's tracks that much. Some additional sources are podcasts:


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