Sunday, May 13, 2007

Thailand trip 2006

Above was a view looking out of the central museum in Ayudhya. A group of Navy trainees were on a visit familiarizing themselves with their ancient heritage from 700 years ago.

Taking a minivan from a market centrally located in Ayudhya brought me back to the heart of Bangkok in a surprisingly short time.

Inspiring Buddha images at Wat Chaimongkol, Ayudhya. I attempted the 9 temples visit in a day, but managed only 3 due to the heat.

My nepews have grown since the last time I saw them.

The bugenvilla were blooming in my garden at Khao Yai.

This water buffala, my zodiac sign is a pet at His Grace Farm Resort. She was grazing beside my house. I couldn't resist her but she didn't want me to get too close to her. She had a calf that ran away into the bushes.

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