Saturday, September 26, 2009

Silpakorn's University Electronic Resources on Art in Thailand

Silpakorn University is the leading Thai university in the fine arts and archaeology.  It was founded in 1943 when the Italian art professor Corroda Ferroci (Silpa Bhirasri), who contracted under King Rama VI to work as sculpture for the Thai government started giving free sculpture classes for those interested. 

Searching for new information on prehistoric cave painting, I found this excellent website, a generous gift of images I can only hope to see.  Two sections are my favorites (text only in Thai, but the numerous images provided more than made up for the disappointing lack of English explanations):

  • Cave Art (Click on the regions on the map and it will bring you to provinces of the region chosen, after which will be a list of caves that are located in that province.  Clicking further will lead you to a page with brief description, location of cave and sample images of the cave paintings/art.)

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