Friday, October 24, 2003

Lessons learnt from blogosphere

Three bloggers whom I have linked to on the right space of my blog have greatly inspired me. Dave Pollard, whom I delightedly found out is a Canadian, has a blog that offers a wide range of ideas on "How to save the world". I am also very interested in his New Collaborative Enterprise" idea, and I thank him for putting me on his blogroll, especially under the "dreamer" category, :). I think Dave is a demonstration of what I have mentioned in my previous post... bringing the world to that screen which Prof. Derrick says is an extended part of ourselves becoming the outer skin of culture. Dave also has an excellent list of Canadian blogs, by the way, as well as a helpful summary of what people who read and write blogs wants, found on the right side of his blogspace.

Watching Joi Ito put up his wiki-space on his blogosphere in front of my eyes during the last few weeks, and the discovery of his htm paper turned wiki on "Emergent Democracy" hit a chord within my nagging desire to bring out my own views about emergent values that I believe is a result of cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary communication, that is all within this process of going towards the "noosphere" that I have mentioned before. Thanks to Tammy for being a strong support for defining the area of focus on cultural communication.

Flammifer, a new blogger who blogs in French and English from Pandaland and my happening upon the Thai site,, has prompted me to consider blogging in Thai and English, which will be starting slowly, since technically I am at a loss about how to get my OS X to print in Thai. Much as I dislike using my husband's Windows XP, Microsoft-based computer, that's the only way now that I can write in Thai. So if there is any Mac fan out there who can help me, I'd be so grateful!


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