Friday, October 24, 2003

No longer a class blog, but...

Dear fellow classmates, and instructors, I've been severely bitten by the blogging bug. Through the past weeks' surfing on blogosphere, I've been convinced that blogging is definitely something I want to do seriously. Never dreamt that when I walked unsuspectingly into the McLuhan world that I would be "massaged" this way, that is transformed by the electronic medium.

So therefore this blog is no longer a class blog for me, but I felt that I cannot just make that transition without receiving some agreement from my classmates and warning them of the opening up of this class space. But then our sense of closeness and comfortable security itself was fragile and illusionary, this I realized when I happened upon the Thai blogging website, a larger circle of bloggers who are not actively aware that blogging brings the world to them and that if they wanted to realize the full potential of their blogs they simply have to reach for the world from their individual corners.

I do not know how much traffic it is possible to bring in during a period of two months before our class disassembles. I hope that my fellow "shy" bloggers will not close down and blog less, because that would make Clay Shirky too much of a blogosphere prophet with his power law concept where he proclaims that a popular blog takes the attention away from other less visible blogs. (If I have interpreted him wrongly here, please point it out in my discussion space.) I hope my fellow classmates will rise up to the challenge. I hope I will not be cut out, excluded, virtual heart left bleeding, without the great support you have provided me with. Having visited many blogs where the new blogger had to struggle with their individual blogging 'demons' on their own for a year or two before they either stabilized as a blogger or simply quit, I realise how fortunate I have been to have been introduced to blogging with such a support group as this Mind, Media, and Society Course within the McLuhan Program of the University of Toronto.


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