Sunday, October 26, 2003

Why bloggers need to blog about blogging

Any blogger knows and any blog reader notices that always the biggest topic is "blogging about blogging". Here's one reason why:

To ignore the medium you are in is like a fish not caring about what kind of water he swims in. A fish that is more likely to survive is one that is very aware of his waters. That fish would know which water to swim away from, or not even approach. He knows not to go on land, for example, lest he dies. (But there are some strange fishes that have developed some kind of half-land abilities, surprisingly found in Thailand, and have been rumored to jump out and attack land lubbers.) A fish also knows that swimming in a shoal makes it easier for him to swim, but somehow decreases his likelihood of survival, especially from big predators like sharks and humans. And there are some fishes that prefer to go off alone to create their precious offspring, some fishes that even attack their mates to protect their offspring, and some fishes that struggle to swim upstream to accomplish the same great creative act. I may have gotten some of this fish protocol wrong, but I think I've got the general idea, after all I am not a fish, nor a fish expert.

So what do fishes have to do with blogging? Wouldn't you say we are all swimming in a current that we find difficult to grasp, like a fish doesn't really know that he is swimming in water until he is left on land? So let's blog about blogging until we understand or know well our waters.


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