Thursday, November 27, 2003

Fractals and Complexity

Thanks to Lucia for posting a picture on her blog. It encouraged me to be curious enough to dig into how it could be done. Much to my chagrin, I found that it wasn't too difficult after all. Another embarrassing evidence that shows how mental blocks are really just "mental"! Well, it takes a friend's action to show how to step over the boundaries one puts for oneself.

I've been itching to get some images of fractals onto my blog. With the inspiration from Lucia and Image Google, I present to you the Mandelbrot set fractal:

The Mandelbrot fractal is actually an amalgamation of all Julia set fractals. Here's a picture of a "solid, connected" Julia set:

A brief introduction on fractals (in layman's language!) was put together by Temporary Sanity Designs. I just love fractals! They are the perfect demonstration of how simplicity can be so unlimitingly complex. Which brings us into the subject of my presentation for the MMS1 Course. Since I don't have a server to download my powerpoint presentation, I will be posting bits and pieces relating to my topic here on my blog as a gradual introduction to the class presentation due next week. Enjoyed my pictures?!


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