Thursday, November 6, 2003

Tentative topic of interest for research: "Defining Emerging Values of the Emergent Paradigm"

In a previous post, I have mentioned identity, transparency, and connectivity as emerging values related to blogging. I am interested in identifying other values which would be considered as belonging to an emergent paradigm (which has emerged as a result of the electric medium we are immersed in) that is different from the outgoing industrial, mechanized paradigm. I hope to be able to propose a category/grouping showing the relationships of each value between old and new paradigm as well as the relationship of the values within the new paradigm. As part of highlighting these values, I would also like to identify new vocabularies related to new sciences (quantum physics, chaos theory, systems studies, collaborative networks, etc.) that are becoming more commonly used as a way to describe processes related to the emerging paradigm.

As a method of research, I will be using weblogs to search for discussions concerning or insights given about these emerging values. I would also like to propose a survey (first among class members, later maybe to some bloggers I have linked with frequently) about how values are consciously or subconsciously screened (or not) in finding solution to working environments that has changed from the outgoing paradigm of industrial, mechanistic, linear modality.

Having proposed this topic of interest, I would also like to add a short note here to say that I have also another topic of interest for which I am undecided about and just might switch to. This topic is about the profile of bloggers, and how this profile will support or not support in the building up of connectivity or a social network among bloggers.


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