Sunday, October 1, 2006

Read the signs

I thought it was strange the first time, but it seems to be repeated again. Usually when the King grants audience to politicos in something as important as this, a news clip (vdo) is released (usually live) showing the King and the people in audience together authenticated by the speech of what is being said. Therein lies the power of the image. I have this strange feeling that a comment I read posted in Prachathai may have some ground; the King really doesn't approve of this coup. Why do we see the swearing ceremony performed in front of an image (a portrait) and not in front of the real live King? If someone finds live footage to prove me wrong, please post it on the internet.


KorBua said...

That's a good point about the swearing ceremony... I never really thought about that before until you mentioned it.

Cuauhtémoc said...

Well, I found some pictures of the King signing the appointment. How silly of me sometimes to go overboard. It's just that I have a tingly feeling about this. Only time will tell. I suppose we will have to wait until Dec. 5 to hear the King's speech to be able to uncode his real feelings about this.